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The lighting of the production and warehouse hall of Hainbuch, in collaboration with PROMA ENERGY, was a combination of lighting for office spaces, production and warehouse areas, and outdoor lighting. For the office spaces, ARLI Square 60x60 cassette luminaires with a lower glare coefficient (UGR value) suitable for such areas were used. In smaller spaces like restrooms, recessed ARLI Easy downlight luminaires with motion sensors were installed. ARLI Pos luminaires designed for street lighting were used to illuminate the factory premises. The lighting design for this project was based on a photometric calculation, which determined the optimal lighting intensities and placement of luminaires. This calculation follows relevant national standards (STN EN) and regulations governing lighting in such spaces. Proper lighting has a positive impact on the production process and enhances employee comfort. Efficient lighting also contributes to reduced energy consumption, benefiting the environment and the company's financial costs.

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