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From colored cables to world class lights”

ARLI is a Slovak lighting manufacturer with an individual approach to design and clients

The company ARLI was founded with the aim of designing and creating quality lamps with modern technologies. The heart of the company is its employees, whose number is still growing.
You can see some of our lamps in the premises of our partners, such as: Nitra showroom Oresi, Bratislava Green Cube Oresi and in the Belenka Mlynské Nivy store.

From colored cables to world class lights

The first impetus for the creation of the ARLI brand was a colored textile cable, which clients showed great interest in. In the end, we found a way to produce it in different versions by ourselves at home in Slovakia. Through successive production steps from simple lamps to more complex lamps, the ARLI brand has become one of the accepted and sought-after global brands. ARLI lamps began to be distributed among global brand dealers and projection companies.

Furnish your home to your liking

We will help you choose the appropriate type of lamps according to your wishes. Have full control over the lights using the mobile app. By setting the intensity as well as the color of the lighting, you can indulge your comfort.

Proper lighting of industrial premises

Depending on the type of work performed in the given space, we will suggest the correct distribution and intensity of lighting. We will also help you meet the legal certification of energy class A0. By incorporating non-standard sensors, we can also monitor safe levels of carbon dioxide (CO2).

Optimization of office spaces and stores

Use an energy-saving lighting control system. We will also help you with the optimal distribution of goods and increase their sales by recording the movement of customers around the store.