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We provide modern and efficient lighting solutions for all spaces

We are a Slovak manufacturer that creates its own high-quality and innovative lamps and lighting solutions in homes, but also in commercial or warehouse and production areas. The possibilities are limitless. Read more about us.


Complement the interior of your dream home and choose from a collection of Slovak products with a characteristic design.

We will be happy to advise you with any questions and help with the proposal of a specific design suitable for your interior. Together we will choose the appearance and color of the cable, components, covers and select the light bulb.

You can easily control our lights via a mobile app and dim or increase their intensity.


We create innovative lighting solutions for industrial and logistics areas. Based on your requirements, we will create a main and area lighting project. We will then create a price quote and computerized lighting design designs for implementation.

Saving electricity is a priority for us when creating a proposal. We will help you meet the energy class A0 certification, according to the Building Efficiency Act.

Our lamps can also sense the level of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the space. Other innovations include, for example, wireless lighting control and motion tracking to optimize logistics and production processes.

Offices and commercial premises

The modern lighting system is energy-saving and enables automatic switching on using motion sensors in the office. Wireless Bluetooth control system and application you can adjust the intensity and dimming.

With the help of innovations such as tracking the customer's movement around the store, you can optimize the placement of goods and thus increase their sales. Other innovations we use include:

Wireless lighting control via Bluetooth

Thanks to the Bluetooth system, you can set the control via an application on a computer, tablet or mobile phone. There is also a wireless wall controller, the 4 functions of which you can set according to yourself. This way you can achieve, for example, a lighting intensity of 40% under the 1st option, or 60% lighting under the 2nd.

Tracking the position of assets and the movement of customers

Assets are small devices or stickers that we can place, for example, on a shopping cart. The system in the lamps uses them to evaluate the customer's movement around the shopping area and collect data about him. Based on this, you can optimize the placement of products.

How is the cooperation going?

Specification of technical requirements

Preparation of the lighting project and price offer

Confirmation of the order and terms and conditions


We provide modern and efficient lighting solutions for all spaces

We will customize the lamps

We adapt the lamps to your requirements and adjust their size, color or intensity. The possibilities are limitless.

We will provide support before and after installation

Before installation, we will carry out an inspection and propose optimized, energy-saving lighting. We also offer help with a consultation by preparing the cabling and connection of lamps or controls.

We will calculate the lighting

We will create a lighting simulation in the given space and choose the most suitable intensity and uniformity accordingly. How is it going?

First, we will completely draw the given space in the DiaLux program. We set input parameters such as the types of walls and floors along with their reflective properties, i.e. whether they are matte or glossy. We will then add furniture and workplaces.

We set the light intensity according to the current decree and applicable standards. We also work with architects and designers to ensure that the lamps fit into the overall concept of the given space. Then we choose the most suitable type of lamps.

In the case of a space where there is no furniture and table layout, we still use a track system in which you can easily move or replace the lamps.


Lighting with Well certification

We use high-quality LED modules that do not distort the real colors of the materials.

We guarantee the best price

When implementing any project, we will offer you the most advantageous solution.

Warranty 5 to 7 years

We stand behind the reliability of our products, which is why we offer a superior warranty of up to 7 years.

Innovative lighting with intelligent control

You can easily control our lights using advanced functions and tools.

We offer integration with smart technologies such as Zigbee, Bluetooth, through the DALI interface or Philips Hue smart lighting.

Contact us for a customized offer

Do you need to design lighting for a home, office, cafe, store or industrial or logistics premises?

Write to us or call us even if you are not an architect, designer or planner. We will be happy to create a custom proposal for you.

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