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Martin - Slovakia

Voms was expanding its branches in Slovakia and we were able to be part of the construction of a new gas station. In the preparatory phase of the project, we were approached with the development of a lighting study, where we were to propose the distribution and intensity of the lamps. The owners already had an idea of what type of lighting they would like to use in the interior of the gas station, as well as for the lighting of the gas stations and the surrounding area. Two types of circular recessed lamps were used in the interiors. The products in the store are illuminated by circular tilting recessed lights, which were arranged according to the lighting project. Street lighting lamps were used to illuminate the surroundings, and recessed lamps with higher resistance suitable for the given application were chosen to illuminate the fueling stations. The requirement for the given lamps from the owners was that the lamps had a light color of 5000-6000 K (cold white light color). Luminaires with a higher CRI >90 were used in the interiors. It is the color rendering index. The higher the CRI, the more realistic the colors look under the given lighting.

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