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Podbrezova Ironworks

The production hall in Podbrezova needed to improve its lighting. Due to the high amount of graphite dust and temperatures around the furnace reaching up to 60°C, it was necessary to choose a light that would meet these demanding conditions. After a thorough selection, we decided on the Heavy LED light. During one year, we tested the Heavy LED light in this production hall, measuring its brightness and the efficiency of the protective film on the optics. The results were as expected, positive. The protective film on the optics was sufficiently efficient, so it was not necessary to improve it. After one year, we disassembled the LED light from the hall and checked if any dust had entered the radiator, which could worsen its cooling. Our findings were also very positive, as we found that almost no dust had entered the radiator. The result of the testing is that the Heavy LED light is a great solution for production halls with high temperatures and a large amount of dust. The management of the ironworks decided to cooperate with us and our lights are now part of their production halls. We believe that our solution helps to improve efficiency and safety in their production.

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