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Marek Bohunický



Plan Be brand belonging to the company Be Lenka, which produces barefoot shoes. Their flagship store in the Niva shopping center in Bratislava needed to be well lit. In the first phase of the project, we communicated with the architect and designer about his idea of the overall appearance of the store. Subsequently, we processed the lighting calculation, where we simulated the lighting of individual products and the store. The most important goal for us was that each shoe was perfectly lit, did not cast a shadow on the shoe below or next to it, and that the customer himself did not cast a shadow when choosing shoes. Another criterion in the selection of lamps was the open ceiling, where the ventilation is located. Therefore, it was necessary to choose a suspension system. In accordance with the architect's proposal, a track system was applied, into which the Flit, Flit Compact and Lungo lamps were connected. By combining these lamps, an excellent effect was achieved with low electricity consumption.

ARLI is based in Žilina just like our company, so it was already in our consciousness. That's why we decided to include it in the selection process when we were looking for a company that would comprehensively cover the lighting project of our new barefoot shoe store Plan Be in the newly built OC Nivy Bratislava. Choosing ARLI turned out to be the right decision. They developed a professional and detailed lighting project that made our shoes stand out even more. Installation was quick and without problems. The quality of the fixtures cannot be denied, and the same goes for the service. Thanks to ARLI, we managed to create a truly unique store. After this experience, we can only recommend ARLI.

Jakub Šalaga

Senior Project Manager in Be Lenka

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