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Plan Be- Light study

In the company of Be Lenka, a manufacturer of barefoot shoes, it was necessary to solve the lighting in their flagship store Plan Be in the Nivy shopping center in Bratislava. Since their products required good lighting, we used our experience with LED lights and provided high-quality and efficient lighting.

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Plan BE

How we used LED lights to illuminate the Plan Be flagship store in the Nivy shopping centre

In the company of Be Lenka, a manufacturer of barefoot shoes, it was necessary to solve the lighting in their flagship store Plan Be in the Nivy shopping center in Bratislava. Since their products required good lighting, we used our experience with LED lights and provided high-quality and efficient lighting.

LED lighting using a track system for the Be Lenka store in Bratislava.

What will you learn about LED lighting in the store in this study?

  • What are the standard requirements for shop lighting

  • How does a lighting project proceed?

  • What were our goals for the lighting of the Plan Be store?

  • Why did we use track LED lights and what is the advantage of a track lighting system?

Let's start by discussing what the standard requirements are for lighting a store and why they are insufficient for properly showcasing products.

Standard EN 16424-1 specifies the minimum requirements for the quality of lighting in workspaces. Its aim is to ensure safe and adequate lighting for all employees performing visual tasks. Therefore, if we translate it, the norm does not specify how products should be presented to the customer in the correct light.

  • Standard requirements for retail space:

    • lighting intensity: 300lx

    • uniformity of lighting: 0,4

    • glare index UGR: 22

  • standard requirements for checkout space:

    • lighting intensity: 500lx

    • uniformity of lighting: 0,6

    • glare index UGR: 19

What is the result of illuminating products if we only illuminate the store according to the norm?

In the following picture, it is visible that if LED lights are used only to meet the normative requirements for retail spaces, products are often poorly lit and do not naturally attract the customer's eye.

Subpar lighting of products on the shelves on the walls.

How did the Be Lenka LED lighting project in Bratislava proceed?

Identification of customer needs and requirements

At the initial meeting with Be Lenka, we focused on finding the best possible solution for lighting their store and familiarized ourselves with the layout design. The main requirement was to create suitable lighting conditions for product presentation while maintaining the store's aesthetic design.

Communication with the architect

Given the significant role that lighting plays in store design, it was necessary to understand the architect's design. Therefore, we thoroughly reviewed Mr. Bohunicky's design with him and agreed that Flit linear luminaires were an ideal choice for the central part of the store. These luminaires fit perfectly into the design and adapt to all the lighting requirements that Mr. Bohunicky has. Their placement in this part of the store will allow for uniform and unobtrusive lighting, increasing comfort for store visitors.

Site inspection of the store, or how we dealt with the challenging installation of lighting fixtures in a space full of technology.

At the Plan Be store, we faced the challenge of installing lighting fixtures in a space full of HVAC and water distribution systems. As it was almost impossible to install individual fixtures in the necessary locations, we opted for a track system that allowed us to place the fixtures as needed based on the results of lighting simulation.

Defining goals for LED lighting in a store with "column" product layout.

During the planning phase for the store, we defined several goals for the LED lighting. The products in the store were arranged in "columns" on shelves around the perimeter, at a height of 0.3 to 2 meters. Therefore, it was necessary to ensure that the shoes were well-lit in both the horizontal and vertical planes. Since the shoes were arranged in "columns", it was necessary to design the lighting so that the "top" shoe did not cast a shadow on the "bottom" one, and so that the customer did not cast a shadow on the shoes when browsing. Another goal was to guide customers' gaze towards the products and to ensure that the colors in the store matched those of daylight.

Vertical and horizontal illumination of products using LED lighting

Simulation of LED lighting

We have carried out a detailed lighting simulation, paying attention to each defined goal. The result of our simulation helped us determine the most suitable type and placement of luminaires for this specific project.

  1. Excellent lighting of shoes in horizontal and vertical planes.

    We decided to use Lungo LED strip lights to achieve the desired illumination of the shoes from every angle, as they provided us with the necessary flexibility and precision in directing the light. These lights allowed us to ensure optimal illumination of the shoes from all sides, emphasizing their quality and beauty. As a result, the overall aesthetics of the store improved, and customers had the opportunity to see Be Lenka shoes in the best possible light.

    The lighting simulation shows that if we properly distribute the LED lights, we can effectively illuminate the productsSimulation of LED lighting for shoes in horizontal and vertical planes
  2. Eliminating shadows on shoes

    To ensure optimal lighting without creating shadows, we thoroughly examined the placement and angle of each light fixture during the simulation. We tried to find the most efficient way to minimize the amount of shadows and ensure even illumination of the environment. We explored different combinations of fixture placement and angle to find the best solution for each situation.

    LED lights were precisely positioned to prevent the formation of shadowsThe LED lights were precisely placed to prevent the formation of shadows, using simulation.
  3. Color rendering

    We also focused on the ability of the Lungo lights to accurately render the colors of the shoes when selecting them. Therefore, we used LED chips with a CRI>90, which guaranteed us correct and high-quality color rendering, avoiding distortion.

  4. Light leads the customer's eye to the products

    Increased lighting intensity around the store perimeter was a key element of our strategy to improve sales performance. We wanted to ensure that the shoes were displayed in the best light and at the same time attract customers' attention to the products we wanted to sell. This step was one of many measures we took to improve overall store traffic and sales results.

    The difference in LED lighting that is directed towards the shoes compared to the rest of the storeThe difference in LED light that is directed at the shoes compared to the rest of the store
  5. LED lighting in line with the architect's vision

    The architectural concept and requirements led us to choose Flit LED lights for linear lighting in the central part of the store, which were the ideal choice to achieve the desired level of lighting that complies with all standards and regulations for retail space. The combination of high-quality strip lights and sufficient luminous flux ensured not only functional lighting but also a visually pleasing environment for customers. This approach also allowed us to increase efficiency and energy savings, making the store more environmentally friendly. By using Flit strip lighting, we met not only technical but also aesthetic lighting requirements for the store.

    Linear LED lights whose luminous flux meets the requirements of the standard for shop lighting

Presentation of LED lighting solution to the client.

Thanks to our detailed lighting concept, we were able to accurately present our lighting solution. We explained potential shortcomings of lighting based solely on standards and how to properly illuminate products. We went through each goal we set for ourselves and described how we would achieve them.


As part of the optimization, we decided to modify only the warehouse areas where it is not necessary to use LED track lights.

In these areas, we used a cable duct to mount LED lights where needed, reducing the final cost of lighting.

The company's management approved our solution and recognized us as the right lighting supplier with an excellent understanding of the needs of shoe lighting, allowing us to continue with the project.

Preparation of documentation for implementation

To ensure that all goals and simulation results are achieved, it is crucial to have quality on-site execution. This means having a detailed project plan that will serve as a valuable tool during implementation.

Without this project, the electrical installation company would not have a precise idea of how the project should be executed. Therefore, it is important for us to dedicate time to detailed project development in order to avoid undesirable situations and minimize costs.

We delivered LED lights

After the successful approval of all necessary documents, we were able to start production. We delivered our LED lights to the construction site within three weeks, thus meeting the agreed deadline and ensuring a quick continuation of the project implementation. With our delivery speed and product quality, we demonstrated our ability to effectively collaborate with our customers and adapt to their needs.


Cooperation with Be Lenka was a pleasant experience for us. During the project, we tried to understand their requirements and create the ideal solution for them in the form of LED lighting. Thanks to a precise and efficient approach, we managed to perfectly fit into their concept and provide quality lighting solution for the store. We believe that Be Lenka will be satisfied with the result, and our cooperation will be successful in the future as well.

The Be Lenka store and our LED track lightsLED lights have sufficient luminous flux to properly illuminate shoesView of the Plan Be store where our LED lights are installedLed lights excellently illuminate the horizontal plane of shoes

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